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Cradle of Life: The Treasures of Jordan

Jordan is like no other place on Earth. It is steeped in ancient history and rugged beauty that whispers on a gentle wind and invites you to explore. Traveling to Jordan in September of 2019 expanded my artistic vision and pushed my art in a wonderfully unexpected direction. Cradle of Life took a year and a half to paint. It required a new process that included cold wax for texture and a unique color palette to align with desert scenery and guide my expression.

What is Art in Embassies?

One of my goals for the Cradle of Life Collection has been to exhibit part or all of it at the US Embassy in Amman, Jordan.


Art in Embassies is a program run by the US Department of State and has played a leading role in US public diplomacy for over 50 years. I was contacted by one of the curators for the Art in Embassies Program and invited to participate. 

Screen Shot 2021-08-05 at 10.11.01 AM.png

Art in Embassies strives to make connections worldwide by using art as a diplomatic tool. Leanne’s paintings of Jordan fit perfectly into our mission. An American artist recounting her experience in Jordan allows the viewers to see how their country inspires others.

                                                      -Imtiaz H., Curator

Leanne Fink's Art Fosters Visual Diplomacy in Jordan SMALL FILE.jpg

Designed to foster cross-cultural dialogue through the visual arts, AIE develops and presents approximately 60 annual exhibitions and over 70 permanent installations in more than 200 US diplomatic venues worldwide. With 20,000 participating American artists globally, AIE is considered the largest curator of art in the world.


I am truly honored to have my art chosen in this internationally recognized program as a way to foster visual diplomacy. 'Jerash Temple Trek', 'Pilgrims of Petra' and 'Amman' are on display in the Ambassador's Residence at our US Embassy in Amman, Jordan. They are on loan to the US Department of State for a period of two years.

Leanne talks about her collection of oil and cold wax paintings inspired by her journey to Jordan.

I share a love of the desert, but only know the desert of the SW in the US. Your new paintings are exquisite. 

                                                                                                             -Jill W

I experienced actual movement in "Primordial Sea" such that my heart skipped a beat when it came onto the screen.

                                                                                            -Barbara GM



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