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Art that is joyful and sophisticated.

LEANNE FINK is an American artist who creates representational art that is joyful, sophisticated and imbued with unerring luminosity. Inspired by the natural world, she is known for her visually dynamic landscapes. Her mastery of color is evident in the healing force that immerses itself in every composition. Her oil and cold wax paintings seem to scintillate with energy. They reach through to the heart of the art lover and inspire calm introspection.

The artist lives and works in Hamilton, Virginia, a suburb of the greater Washington, DC region. She draws inspiration from places far away and close to home. Exploring other cultures, countries, and climates fuels her passion to paint by providing imagery of cities, antiquities, land and sea. The pastoral surroundings of her Northern Virginia residence nourish her need to feel the more peaceful rhythms of the Earth.

LEANNE STATES, "I will not be a name that rolls off the tongues of historians. I am a cog in the wheel of creative individuals worldwide, known to those in my orbit. Like a mirror, it is my calling to reflect the world around me through the universal language of visual art. I paint in oils. Other creatives may dance with injustice, parry with war or poverty but I choose a positive viewpoint. And that is to elevate the regal beauty of the land, sea and sky.  


"When I am painting the land, I feel it is like a sacred trust. With our quickly changing climate perhaps I am painting for posterity in order to preserve what may not be around in the future. Perhaps I am painting to heal the spirit using a language that needs no translation.


"My wish is that my work will uplift those who view it. On a deeper level, I hope it will raise awareness for the fragile beauty that surrounds us and serve as an oasis where we may reflect on our interactions with the natural world.

"I enjoy both painting en plein air and creating in my studio. Working out in the field grounds my spirit to the Earth. I find it very relaxing, almost meditative. In the studio, I tend to work larger and take the time to explore existential concepts along with more complex compositions. To follow art is a calling. The drive to create is never ending. It is lifelong." 

THE ARTIST is represented by District Arts Gallery in Frederick, Maryland. Her work has been selected by the US Department of State's Art in Embassies Program and is currently on exhibition at the US Embassy in Amman, Jordan. In addition, Leanne's art can be viewed in the Manhattan Arts International Artist Showcase Gallery as well as Gallery 75 at The Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria, Virginia. Her paintings are in the permanent collection of Inova Schar Cancer Institute - Lansdowne, Virginia, and in corporate and private collections in the US and England. Leanne has received numerous awards of excellence for her work.

IN THE FABRIC OF LIFE, many threads are woven. Art has been a way of life and a family tradition since early childhood. Leanne grew up in New Jersey. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Seton Hall University and pursued a commercial career as an art director. She began her own ad agency in the New York metropolitan area. Later, she earned a Doctorate in Chiropractic from Life University. Never relinquishing her hold on the thread of art, Leanne was in private practice in the Washington, DC region with her husband for two decades. During that time she pursued portrait commissions. Upon retiring from chiropractic, her life came full circle. She considers her return to oil painting a gift to be treasured every day.

2022 Head Shot tiff.tiff


District Arts Gallery

15 North Market Street

Frederick, MD   21701


Manhattan Arts International Artist Showcase Gallery-NYC

Gallery 75 

The Torpedo Factory Art Center

105 North Union Street

Alexandria, VA  22314



  • American Impressionist Society

  • National Oil & Acrylic Painters' Society

  • The Art League, Alexandria, VA

  • The Loudoun Sketch Club (President 2019)

  • Franklin Park Arts Center Art Advisory Board


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