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October's paintings are available for purchase and ready to grace your walls. Enjoy!

Midnight in Prague

A late stroll on the Charles Bridge enchanted as the lights of Prague created an atmosphere of romance and pure delight. We weren't the only ones out walking. Tourists and locals alike took to the streets then sheltered in the pubs on a crisp November night.

Midnight in Prague 72dpi 1.7.jpg
Afternoon Tea.jpg

Afternoon Tea

The tea rose is my favorite. There is a memory from childhood attached to it. We had a lovely and fragrant tea rose bush in our front yard that I would always walk past on the way out the door. Delicate peach colors with hints of pink and yellow are some of my favorite colors!

Spring Morning 2

The first Moment in Time Triptych was my source of inspiration and reference for 'Spring Morning 2'. The glass bottle on my window sill caught the sky within its shape in so many beautiful, distorted ways. I love how this second rendering differs from the first in its edgy, textural style.

Spring Morning II 10-30-2019.jpg


It was Friday the 13th, the day before Valentines Day! We were running errands and found ourselves in front of Magnolia's at the Mill, one of our favorite fine dining restaurants. Why not stop in between the lunch and dinner crowds to share a quiet meal right now. Seated in a secluded corner, our table was dressed with a beautiful red rose. Spontaneous and oh so romantic.


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