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Plein air painting reminds me of my days as an equestrian. It is a grounding experience to be outdoors, communing with nature's elements and creating art from what I see. Recording with an augmented sense of color and vibrancy inspires my heart and hand. A weathered old adirondack chair was colorless but the dappled light moved me to start painting quickly. Then the colors took over. This happy, comfortable chair spoke volumes. I came home and sat outside in mine with a glass of wine and watched the sun set behind the farm.



Original oil painting on linen panel. Measured in inches, 8x6. Contemporary honey maple shadow box frame with black inner lining. Framed profile 1.375 inches. The finest traditional oil colors have been used to create a durable painting to enjoy for a lifetime.


Pick up available at the artist's studio in Hamilton, VA. Delivery may be arranged within the Washington, DC region at a mutually agreed upon location. Shipping available within the United States lower 48. All sales final.

Comfort Zone

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