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Artists Collecting Art

Artists tend to have a high sensitivity for the visual, particularly for what surrounds them. As an artist, I can vouch for that. Annually I take a look around and swap out or change the location of a painting to freshen the energy flowing through my home and my studio.

Remember when the pandemic hit and the majority of the work force suddenly began telecommuting? As a result, there was a chance to spend time in one's residence. People experienced a 'stop and smell the flowers' moment and began to look at the four walls in which they lived. Redecorating trended high. And that included what we hung on our walls and displayed on our tables. Since we all had to stay home, we should like what we were looking at, right? Like a comfy old sweater, art in the broadest sense helped keep us warm through a tough time. Very therapeutic.

SEVERAL YEARS AGO, upon visiting one of my artist friend's home for the first time, I was mesmerized by her beautiful collection of art. I recognized the work of many artists I knew and whose work I loved. I felt many positive emotions - joy, inspiration, laughter, introspection. Very therapeutic indeed. At that moment, I made the decision to start collecting.

It was easy. My husband and I would attend art receptions and spy a piece that spoke to us, and home it would go. Neither of us intentionally seek a particular theme or subject matter. The decisions we make are based on what speaks to our hearts. And, if one of us likes a work of art more than the other, that's okay, too.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SURROUND YOURSELF WITH ART that inspires and speaks to your heart, there are numerous art shows that one can attend in person (always the best way to view art). Also, many of these same shows have an online gallery that you can peruse in the comfort of your home. Don't be hesitant to inquire. Start with works that fit into your budget. Once you take the plunge it may come as a surprise how good you feel when you bring that special piece home.

Today, my collection includes the works of eighteen artists in addition to some of my own and my husband's paintings. Here's a shout out to all of them with their Instagram handle:

Cindy Bridgman @cindy_bridgman_creates

Anne Calhoun @anne.calhoun.paintings

Sharon Clinton @sjclinton9

Kelli Folsom @kellifolsomart

Rosemarie Forsythe @rosemarieforsythefineart

Ute Gil @ute_gil_art

Lori Goll @lorigollart

Bethanne Kinsella Cople @bethanne_k_cople

Kris and Steve Loya @sloya72

Staci and Bill McLauchlan

Elaine Nunnally @elainenunnally

Morgan Paixao @morganfink_art

Mary Louise Ravese @bellavistaphotoart

Kim T. Richards @kimtrichards

Lori Rounds @lorinilandroundsart

Maggie Steinhilper @steinhilper

Anne Stine @annestinefineart

Patricia Taylor Holz @pat.taylor.holzva

LOOK THEM UP! And, if you are on this list, know that every time I walk past your art in my home and studio, I think of you. Your beautiful work of art creates a tether, an invisible filament that connects us.

Thank you!

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