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You're the One to Make It Happen

At this time of year my schedule winds down and I kick back to enjoy the holidays. It is also the time that I begin plotting and planning for next year.

2022 has been a pinnacle year for my art. I remember beginning it with the thought that there were many surprises around the corner and I should keep an open mind. I didn't know what to expect but I knew that it could be a sparkler of a year.

I believe that it is up to the individual artist to make their own future. Art is a visual language that reflects the artist's interpretation of the world. Get the work out of the studio and in front of viewers and enthusiasts, and, potential collectors.

In order to do this, I have to know where I wish to go on my artist's journey. As a wise sage in the world of art once told me, make deliberate choices, put on the blinders to what others are doing, and step out of your comfort zone. Above all, I adhere to these tenets. So as my show schedule slows for the holidays, I carry on a constructive conversation with myself. What are my current goals, next year goals, 2 year goals, 5 year goals? Examples might be to seek gallery representation or branch out from local to regional/national calls for art. Then I work backwards to produce a plan of action, scheduling time to research and connect with the correct sources. I print out a year-at-a-glance calendar and start pencilling in the shows in which I would like to participate. This strategy anchors my schedule and enables me to plan my painting.

The Nitty Gritty of Painting

As an artist who enjoys both studio and plein air painting, the fall, winter and spring months are when I will be out in the field whereas the heat of the summer keeps me in the swimming pool and the studio. Always allowing inspiration to be my guide, I seek show opportunities that compliment my creative vision. I don't often apply to themed exhibits. So it's the art that drives the goals which drives the show and other opportunities.

One of the other components that I take time to think about and schedule is continuing education. I am kind of a lone wolf in my painting but respect the need to further one's skill set. So every year I seek either a workshop with an artist whose work I admire, whether in person or virtual. This helps me continue the evolutionary process we all experience as artists and can push me out of my comfort zone for the sake of raising the bar. All good.


The whole point of planning is to stay in the driver's seat with your art and keep the balance of power on the side of creating from the heart. When the schedule gets out of control, stress can overwhelm and ramp up too much negativity. You are the one who can make good things happen. I don't have a silver platter presented to me every day with a new and exciting 'thing'. Opportunities don't just drop out of the sky and hit me over the head. That's why I love this time of year. When the chatter slows down, I can hear myself think, process and decide. Then I can plan and get all excited about a new year in my world of art.

Now that you've gotten inside my head and know how I approach the end of a year while looking ahead to the next, please share with my readers and me what you do to keep your art organized and flowing from the heart.

Until next time,


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